Real Estate Demand Set to Grow in 2021-2022

The year 2020 has brought unexpected shifts in different sectors of the economy, including real estate. It was also confronted with a slew of issues, all of which shifted demand-supply dynamics. Following the COVID-19 epidemic, the government imposed a lockdown, which resulted in the reverse movement of labor, a lack of funding, and a broken supply chain, both of which had a negative impact on building work and home prices.

However, thanks to a technology transition in the sector and a slew of government initiatives, sentiment is gradually improving, and investors are returning to the market, which is a positive sign for the Indian housing and corporate market. So, let’s see in detail how it has affected and what can be expected in near future.

Corporate Market
The corporate industry was dominated by factors such as resizing, renegotiation, densification, and contraction of office spaces as part of the pandemic, and these trends are expected to continue in 2021 as well.

However, the first quarter of 2021 is showing a good image of office space utilization and consolidation plans employed by large customers, IT industries, MNCs, and corporates, resulting in a higher vacancy ratio in Grade A office spaces, a mild market correction at the same time. Furthermore, there could be an increase in co-working room use and demand.

So, the morale is steadily improving, and realtors are optimistic about the year 2021. If investors and firms continue to move on, wisely balancing their lives and livelihoods in the face of pandemic instability, the demand trajectory will significantly change in 2022 relative to 2020. With its latent market opportunities and much stronger demand conditions, the housing sector is supposed to lead the way. The commercial office and warehousing sectors will maintain their good fundamentals.

Residential Market
In the residential market, prices and demand for ready-to-move and quality projects are also expected to rise in 2021 across all segments and sizes. New-age homebuyers will be most interested in initiatives that provide hygiene, sanitation, and technology-enabled amenities in the coming year.

Given the increasing number of professionals who work from home these days, developers might provide residential spaces with amenities that make working from home more convenient. Overall, the real estate market may gain momentum in 2021, with continuing transparency and change potentially benefiting all stakeholders.

Expectations From 2021-2022
The challenges that residential real estate will face in 2021-22 have become the impetus for the industry’s long-term success. People spent more time at home as a result of the lockdown, reinforcing the value of buying a home. So first and foremost thing is, what 2022 unfolds for the real estate industry? Is investing going to be worth it? Consider following expectations before you make a final decision.

  • Affordable Synergy
    In 2021, the government policies aid the recovery by keeping historically low policy rates in order to kickstart a period of consumption-led expansion. As a result, interest prices are incredibly poor. Over the last few years, prices have still been stable. But now it’s a wonderful time to buy a house because of this affordable synergy.

  • Focus on Mid-Segment Markets
    Sales are predicted to rise even more in 2021 across all housing segments but the emphasis is on the mid-and low-cost markets mostly. As new releases will be clustered in low price ranges, with developers hoping to capitalize on high interest in these areas. The government is also committed to increasing the availability of affordable housing.

  • Changing Preferences
    For homebuyers, a safe lifestyle has become a primary criterion. As a result, tastes have shifted for larger homes in gated communities with amenities such as a gym, green open fields, and easy access to everyday necessities. Furthermore, as work from home becomes more common, product measurements are also likely to change.
In and all, Real estate, like all other industries, has adjusted to the pandemic and the modern standard. Although the sector has begun to recover from the downturn, there are so many uncertainties. But the stabilization of the sector will be closely related to the Covid condition and the recovery of the economy in the future. For most markets, 2021 is definitely a year of tentative hope.

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